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FWD Protect Direct
A term takaful plan with coverage of up to RM500,000 for you and your family from RM11.70/month*.
FWD Care Direct
Cancer coverage of up to RM250,000, including the early stages, from RM10.83/month*.
FWD MedSecure Direct
A hospital income plan that provides cash allowance of up to RM350/day and double coverage for ICU from RM18.25/month*.
FWD SpecialCare Direct
A protection plan with coverage of up to RM100,000 for children with learning disabilities and their parent from RM28.95/month*.
FWD Big 3 Critical Illness Protection Plan
A critical illness protection plan providing coverage of up to RM250,000 for cancer, heart attack or stroke from as low as RM10.27/month*.
FWD Kasih
Sumbangan takaful tidak semestinya membebankan kewangan anda. Lindungi diri anda dengan pelan mikrotakaful serendah RM2.03/bulan*.
FWD FlexiCover Group Plan
Pelan yang boleh diubah suai dengan manfaat perlindungan sehingga RM60,000 untuk kematian, Hilang Upaya Penuh dan Kekal (HUPK), serta penyakit kritikal dari RM2.75 sebulan*
What is Takaful?
Takaful is a mutual assistance scheme grounded in Islamic Muamalat (Islamic transaction) principles. How does Takaful work?
Takaful versus conventional insurance: How do they differ?
While both serve to provide financial coverage, takaful and conventional insurance differ in terms of intent, investment and returns. Find out more to understand how they are different.
8 important Takaful terms you should know
Contribution? Waiver of contribution? Tabarru? Here are 8 essential takaful terminologies that you should know and we’ve simplified them for your understanding.
5 misconceptions of Takaful and getting protection
Takaful is only for Muslims and non-Muslims have to opt for conventional insurance by default, right?

Wrong! Takaful is for anyone who is interested in financial planning and protection, regardless age, gender, race, or religion.

What other misconceptions are there?
Pure Protection Plans versus Investment-Linked Plans
Pure protection plans and investment-linked plans can help you achieve financial security, but how are they different? Find out which type of plan is suitable for your financial goals.
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