FWD affiliate

Do you know that you can generate income using apps? Check out these apps that can help you earn additional income:

  1. Cashback – If you love shopping, cashback is a great way to earn extra money.
  2. Robo-advisor – Low annual fees and simple account setup process. Great for newbies investing.
  3. Affiliates – Share links to your social media platforms, or directly to friends and family.
  4. FWD Affiliate – Share FWD Takaful personal financial planning articles on your social media, and earn up to 10% from your agent’s commission as referral fee upon each successful sign up!

Guess which one’s our favourite? That’s right, it’s the FWD Affiliate App! Besides earning referral fees from each successful sign-up, you also get to educate your friends and family about personal financial planning and takaful. Visit bit.ly/FWD_Affiliates or reach out to our agent to learn more and sign-up!