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Are alternative cigarettes safer?

Malaysia’s smoking rate remains high, with 50% of adult males smoking and more than 90% of lung cancer patients having a significant smoking history. The smoking industry has evolved alongside technological advancements. Smokers now have alternatives such as vape & e-cigarette, heat-not-burn devices and shisha. 

However, how safe are these alternatives in comparison to cigarettes?

• Vapes & e-cigarette – The flavoured ultrafine aerosol particles that are inhaled from the device are known to contain harmful chemical substances such as diacetyl that can cause serious lung disease

• Shisha – a typical shisha session could expose a person to up to 1.7x more nicotine and up to 9x more carbon monoxide compared to a single cigarette

• Heat-not-burn devices (HNB) – It eliminates combustion as compared to cigarettes. As most cancer-causing chemicals can only be found when a cigarette is burned, it may reduce the overall levels of harm

Despite having many options available, smoking is still harmful to your health. Inhaling chemicals into the body can lead to numerous health issues, including cancer. Ultimately, the best option for smokers is to quit. In addition, smokers should also protect their finances from their health risks. 

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