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Are your Kidneys OK?

About one in ten general populations globally have some form of chronic kidney disease. Are you one of them?

Kidney plays an important role in our body such as eliminates toxic from our body and regulates essential hormone. The modern unhealthy lifestyle has given great stress to our kidney as chronic kidney disease (CKD) rising amongst the global population. CKD decreases the ability to keep one functioning well due to damaged kidneys. It commonly diagnosed by individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, obese and smoker. 

CKD is a silent killer as the signs often occur late. It is important for those who are at high risk to do a screening test as the progression of the disease can be reduced if detected earlier.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet are the best prevention of CKD. However, an unforeseen situation can leave one to face tremendous difficulties in life. FWD CI First can helps to reduce the financial impact by CKD and other critical illnesses, so you can focus on recovery and rebuilding your lives.