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Bridging the financial literacy gap in Malaysian youth

As the pandemic continues to have an impact on many Malaysians’ earnings, managing the health of our finances has become a priority.

Financial literacy for Malaysians, particularly the younger generations, is becoming increasingly important as they enter the workforce. Even prior to the pandemic, many Malaysian youths lacked strong financial discipline. A recent global survey revealed that 74% of Malaysian millennials believe managing their money has become more difficult since the outbreak of the pandemic. However, many people have begun using a financial management app as part of their financial tools since the pandemic began.

While many of them are interested in improving their financial habits, it’s also apparent that many of them are eager to learn more. To address this gap, FWD Takaful offers reliable and registered takaful agents who can assist you in exploring your financial needs in order to maximise your savings and support your financial stability for a brighter future. To get started, please contact one of our Agents!