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Common Questions About Causes of Cancer

There are a lot of rumours and myths about cancer that make it hard for people to know what’s true. Here are answers to some of the questions people ask about the causes of cancer.

  1. Can stress cause cancer? – Researchers have done many studies to see if there’s a link between stress and cancer. It’s known that stress affects the immune system, but so do many other things. As for now, there is no clear evidence that a person’s stress level affects their risk of getting cancer.
  2. Does sugar feed cancer? – There is no concrete evidence that indicates sugar intake will increase the risk of getting cancer. Still, sugars and sugar-sweetened drinks add a lot of calories to the diet and can cause weight gain, which is linked to cancer.
  3. Is cancer inherited? – Sometimes, certain types of cancer seem to run in some families. In some cases, this might be because family members share certain behaviours or exposures that increase cancer risk, such as smoking. Cancer risk might also be affected by other factors, like obesity, that tend to run in some families.
  4. Is cancer contagious? – You can’t catch cancer from someone who has it nor being around or touching someone with cancer.

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