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Financial Stability For a Happy Retirement

The pandemic has caused thousands of job cuts causing tremendous hardship across the country, especially among those who have little or no savings at all.

Fortunately, various financial supports offered by the government have ease Malaysians who are affected with financial distress, such as allowing a portion use of employee retirement fund, to get through this difficult period. However, there are some of us who take advantage of the facility for the wrong reason such as investing in high-risk investment schemes, settling their loans, or even use it as a deposit to buy a new car. The inappropriate use of the money may affect the sustainability of their financial needs once retired.

Ensuring a sufficient retirement fund is paramount for everyone. It ensures peace of mind on facing a new chapter of one’s lifetime. With FWD Takaful, we offer various great plans for every stage of your life, including your retirement needs. Reach out to our agents today to know more!