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How do you become a good financial role model?

Not many people can afford to leave a multi-million inheritance to their children, but we can cultivate good financial habits. Setting a good example for your children now by building wealth through budgeting, debt management, saving, and investing will instil good financial habits in them. Discover the following tips to help you to become a good financial role model:

  1. Plan a budget for your daily expenses
  2. Put aside savings for an emergency fund
  3. Protect your family with a takaful plan
  4. If you have outstanding debt, start working to reduce it
  5. Invest towards your retirement fund

Managing money responsibly provides the foundation you need to grow your wealth and preserve it for generations to come. You can also curate a bright future for your legacy with our investment-linked plan. FWD Invest First Plus provides protection for your family’s well-being while magnifying your savings through investments in Shariah-compliant investment funds to leave behind for your next generation. Speak to our agent to discover the benefits.