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How much does raising a child cost in Malaysia?

Due to the ever-increasing cost of living, one of the major challenges for young couples considering starting a family is the financial aspect.

So, how much money does it take to raise a child in Malaysia? Let’s find out the average monthly expenses:

• Newborn to 2 years – from RM1,090 to RM2,250 for child care including routine check-ups and immunisations, formula milk, food, diapers and clothing

• 2 to 4 years – from RM940 to RM2,070 for child care, food, diapers and clothing

• 5 to 6 years – from RM970 to RM1,200 ranging from kindergarten fee, daycare, transportation fee, foods to clothing

• 7 to 12 years  – from RM490 to RM820 ranging from school-related fees, study tools, transportation fees, transit centre fees to foods 

• 13 to 17 years  – from RM540 to RM1,270 ranging from school-related fees, study tools, food expenses, transportation fees to tuition classes

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