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Men can’t get breast cancer, or can they?

People frequently believe that men can’t get breast cancer because they don’t have breasts. However, men do have breast tissue and they are at risk of developing breast cancer. A study that looked at all stages of the disease found that men died from breast cancer at a higher rate than women.

Breast cancer isn’t a specific disease of the female gender. Everyone has breast tissue, which means anyone can develop breast cancer. The symptoms of male breast cancer are similar to those symptoms of female breast cancer:

  • Breast lumps
  • Nipple and skin changes
  • Enlarged lymph nodes

However, having one or more symptoms doesn’t mean you have breast cancer as many other diseases may also present similar symptoms. Breast cancer is easier to be treated if diagnosed early.

Thus, if you do experience symptoms of breast cancer, it is best to contact a doctor as quickly as possible. However, a protection plan is important to enable you to feel more prepared to face the uncertainty. FWD CI First offers a future proof critical illness plan to help you face the present and the future outcome of a critical illness may have on your well being. Talk to our agent to learn more.