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Mental Health Matters for Men

Strength comes in many forms, physical and mental – seeking help is one of them. It’s important that your mental health is well taken care of to ensure you are able to navigate your daily life and play your roles more efficiently as a man. Here are some ways to start:

  1. Healthy outlet – find a healthy way to release your stress such as sports, gaming or try any new hobbies
  2. Take a break – when things get too much, take a breather to reorganise your thoughts
  3. Support system – identify those friends and family members that you’re comfortable opening up to during rough times
  4. Counselling – talk to a professional counsellor to improve mental health outlook on life in a systematic way

As the head of the household and the pillar of strength to the family, men must take care of their health while preparing for health uncertainties. FWD CI First offers protection against major medical or lifestyle impacts regardless of the illness one may experience, while providing coverage up to 100% of the sum covered should death occur. Reach out to our agent to learn more.