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The Importance of Critical Illness Planning

A critical illness can be defined as a condition, medical or natural, that is life-threatening to a person. In general, there are a total of 42 critical illnesses aggregated from medium to high severity such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, to name a few.

There are several causes of critical illness, ranging from personal lifestyle to social and environmental issues. Late detection of a dreaded disease is a common phenomenon in Malaysia, with over 60% of patients discovered that they’ve been struck with cancer at Stage 3 or 4.

While government hospitals offer cheaper medical treatment, private hospitals give you higher quality services with a shorter waiting time. You’ve to factor in all treatment costs and expenses incurred for the critical illness that you’ve been diagnosed with because the cost is different between public and private healthcare providers. For example, a Coronary Bypass surgery at a private hospital can cost you up to RM80,000, whereas a public hospital charge is around RM4,000.

It’s natural to seek affordable medical treatment as we don’t want to burden ourselves or our family members with debts. That’s why it’s important for us to plan for critical illness protection to safeguard our finances should we face uncertainty. FWD CI First helps you to focus on receiving the best medical treatment while providing financial coverage for all medical costs incurred after you are diagnosed with a critical illness. Talk to our agent to learn more and let us get you covered.