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The rising cost of cancer treatment

In Malaysia, cancer is the fourth leading cause of death, where almost 60% of patients only discover their unfortunate situation at a later stage of the disease. Fortunately, various advancements in technologies have made early detection of the dreaded diseases easier, resulting in increased survival rates. However, can we afford the treatment? 

A survey conducted by The Debt Management and Counselling Agency (AKPK) shows that many Malaysians do not allocate their money for major medical emergencies such as cancer. Along with inflation on medical costs at 12% every year, almost 45% of cancer patients face financial problems within 12 months after diagnosis.

FWD CI First is a critical illness plan that covers you not only against cancer but also against other critical illnesses. It provides a lump sum cash payment in the event of a major illness, so you can opt for the treatment of your choice. Reach out to your Agent to learn more.