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What should you do when you’re attacked by a stroke?

Stroke is a brain attack, occurs when brain cells clot or burst. It is an emergency and no one is prepared for it. How fast you receive medical help will determine the chances of a good recovery.

If you’re attacked by a stroke, get yourself to a stroke ready hospital immediately. If your stroke is caused by a blood clot, you may be given a drug to disperse the clot. This is best done within four and a half hours of your initial symptoms, hence how fast you seek medical help really matters. Every stroke is different and recovery will differ from patient to patient. It takes time, patience and support from those around you to relearn important life skills. So don’t compare, instead focus on motivating your recovery. 

As medical treatment is known to be very costly these days, stroke treatment is no exception. It can cost anywhere between RM35,000 – RM75,000*. FWD CI First offers financial protection from stroke and other major critical illnesses, so you can focus on your recovery. Reach out to our Financial Wealth Consultant to learn more.

*source – RinggitPlus