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Why is smoking bad for you?

Smoking is one of the leading preventable causes of early disease and death in the world. Giving up smoking is difficult for many people, but the number of former smokers is increasing all the time.

Every year, more than thousands of people die due to tobacco-related diseases. Tobacco contains poisonous substances that affect people’s health. Here are the top reasons why you should quit smoking:
• Reason for cancer – cigarettes have 41,000 chemicals from which a large percentage are carcinogenic or cancer-causing.
• Puts you at the risk of heart attack – The chemicals in cigarette smoke affect the entire composition of your blood to make it thicker and more prone to form blood clots
• Make your bones brittle – Smoking is responsible for loss in bone density, so it increases the amount of calcium leached from your bones
• Increase the chances of infection – weakens the immune system, thus make oneself prone to viral, bacterial, and other infections.

While reasons to stop smoking is non-exhaustive, getting the right and sufficient protection should you face any health uncertainties is even crucial. FWD CI First offers coverage from the uncertainties that critical illness can cause. Connect with our agent now for more info.