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Which FWD Invest First is for you?

Investment-linked takaful plans can be a great way for you to save for the future! Let us help you decide which FWD Invest First plan suits your needs best. For more information on FWD Invest First, visit our website https://www.fwd.com.my/en/invest/ or talk to our agents now!

Apakah jenis-jenis penyakit kritikal?

Memang biasa dah kita dengar tentang kanser, strok dan sakit jantung. Tapi penyakit kritikal ada pelbagai jenis lagi iaitu: Penyakit kritikal warga emas seperti Alzheimer, Parkinson dan Demensia Penyakit berjangkit seperti AIDS dan HIV Komplikasi organ seperti kegagalan hati, paru-paru dan buah pinggang Penyakit saraf seperti sklerosis berbilang, penyakit neuron motor dan distrofi otot Kehilangan … Continued

FWD Medical Rider

Kesihatan diri dan keluarga haruslah dijaga. Kita tidak dapat meramalkan apa yang mungkin berlaku pada masa hadapan tetapi kita boleh bersedia untuk menghadapi sebarang cabaran dengan perancangan yang bijak. Dengan FWD Medical Rider, perlindungan keluarga boleh diubah apabila keluarga anda membesar, had tahunan akan meningkat, deduktibel boleh dikecualikan, dan lebih banyak manfaat boleh dinikmati dengan … Continued

3 Myths About Takaful That Malaysians Need To Be Aware Of

Takaful penetration among Malaysians today stands at only 15.2% compared to a 60% Muslim population. Due to the lack of awareness, misconceptions and ignorance, Takaful growth has been slower than anticipated in the past. The myths surrounding it have also contributed to the misunderstanding or lack of attention towards Takaful. Let’s clear the air over … Continued

What Is Legacy Planning and Why Is It Important?

Legacy planning is the process of planning for the transfer of your assets to your loved ones after you’re gone. This is a complex process that can take up to years to perfect. You’ve worked hard to build what you have, so it’s only natural that you want to leave as much as you can … Continued

FWD Invest First Plus

FWD Invest First Plus comes with two investment-linked takaful plans – To help you secure a better future for your loved ones, or to achieve your financial goals in the long run. Some might plan to grow their wealth so that their loved ones will continue their legacy. Others plan towards achieving a comfortable and … Continued

FWD CI First

A critical illness protection plan which provides a lump sum cash payment in the event of a major illness. Most Malaysians have medical protection. However, few of us have critical illness protection that protects our financial wellbeing in the event of a major illness. Often, this is because we believe critical Illness plans to be … Continued

FWD Future First

Lindungi aset paling berharga anda. Lindungi orang tersayang daripada situasi yang tidak dijangka dengan FWD Future First. FWD Future First memastikan kesejahteraan keluarga anda dengan bantuan kewangan dan sokongan emosi, untuk memastikan keluarga anda mampu bangkit kembali *Tertakluk pada terma dan syarat.

FWD Payor Rider

Protecting your loved ones even when you’re not around. Getting the right coverage and benefits is important for your spouse and children who rely on your income. FWD Payor Rider offers an economical and smart way to cover yourself and your loved ones if the unthinkable happens to you. Reach out to us to find … Continued

FWD Critical Illness Waiver

Protect your future and loved ones. Critical illness can happen to both young and old. With FWD Critical Illness Waiver, we will pay you 100% of the sum covered if you are diagnosed with 1 of the 36 critical illnesses that we cover.Get yourself protected today so you can stay on track with your plans … Continued