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Health Screening Myth

Some common ideas about health screening cause unnecessary delay or anxiety, and it’s important to dispel them. Here are the common assumptions about health screening, and the truth about them: 1) I was clear during my last health screening – that means I’m safe and don’t need to screen again – Your last screening will … Continued

Health Screening Myth

Debunking Myths and Misconception about Health Screening “I feel healthy. Why do I need to go for a health screening?” You’ve probably thought this before. But little did you know, early health screenings can promote timely detection which can save you and your loved ones from various health risks. There are several myths revolving around … Continued

Myth about Cholesterol

Should you get your cholesterol checked? We always hear our parents or older folks talk about their cholesterol levels but it’s something that young adults need to be aware of as well. Unhealthy cholesterol levels can increase your risk of heart diseases. The good news is, you can control it with a healthy diet, exercise … Continued