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FWD Payor Rider

Protecting your loved ones even when you’re not around. Getting the right coverage and benefits is important for your spouse and children who rely on your income. FWD Payor Rider offers an economical and smart way to cover yourself and your loved ones if the unthinkable happens to you. Reach out to us to find … Continued

What is a Rider?

Personalise your takaful certificate with riders to give you maximum protection. Have you heard of a rider before? It is an add-on plan to your basic takaful certificate that gives you additional protection and benefits. By paying a little extra, you can customise and upgrade your plans according to your needs!Reach out to find out … Continued

FWD Medical Rider

When it comes to health, financial concerns should not get in the way. Medical expenses can be very expensive. That is why it’s important to have a reliable financial medical aid so you won’t have to dig into your savings!FWD Medical Rider is designed to help cover you and your loved ones in the event … Continued