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Do you know that 75% of Malaysians are not able to raise RM1,000 in the event of an emergency? Having sufficient coverage in this economic climate is more important than ever!

Complete a quick survey and let us help you calculate your coverage needs and get you personalised plan recommendations!

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Go from confused to confident with your financial protection.

When we’re unsure of what to do, our friends are usually the first place we turn to. We learn from their experience and decisions before making our own.

That’s exactly what we’ve done for you. Through this AI tool, you’ll get insights on what others similar to you are financially protected for and how you compare against them. Through making informed decisions, we hope you feel more confident for your choices in the future.

Know where you stand

Based on your answers about yourself, your occupation and your finances, we will let you know how your financial protection plan compares against others with similar background as you.

Get suggestions to help you started

If you’re ready to level up your protection to match up to your peers, we provide suggestions on what type of coverage you need and how much.

Make AI driven decisions

We use an AI tool to scan through a wealth of data and profiles to generate reliable insights. Our data driven approach enables you to make better decisions on your protection based on what others similar to you are covered for.

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