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4 Ways to Be More Prudent and More Financially Stable

Plan out how much you’re allowed to spend: have a basic budget plan such as rough estimation on allowed daily expenditure Don’t be financially dependent on other people. Instead, spend less or find a way to earn more. Use saving tactics such as enrolling for loyalty programs, opting for energy savings electrical appliances and recycle … Continued

Common Misconceptions about Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy substance. Your body needs it to build cells and make vitamins and other hormones. Let’s discover the common misconceptions about cholesterol. 1 – You don’t need your cholesterol checked until middle age – Doctor recommends adults age 20 and older have their cholesterol (and other risk factors) checked every four to … Continued

Health Screening Myth

Some common ideas about health screening cause unnecessary delay or anxiety, and it’s important to dispel them. Here are the common assumptions about health screening, and the truth about them: 1) I was clear during my last health screening – that means I’m safe and don’t need to screen again – Your last screening will … Continued

Planning for Retirement During the Current Pandemic, and Beyond

Thanks to medical advancements and better quality of care, people are living longer and happier. However, with the current pandemic, many are facing a new set of challenges – losing the source of income, depleting savings, medical inflation, and more. It is important that you start paying attention to your financial planning for retirement. With … Continued

What Is Legacy Planning and Why Is It Important?

Legacy planning is the process of planning for the transfer of your assets to your loved ones after you’re gone. This is a complex process that can take up to years to perfect. You’ve worked hard to build what you have, so it’s only natural that you want to leave as much as you can … Continued

How To Spend Your First Paycheck Like A Boss

What should you do when you receive your paycheck? Congratulations, you have just received your first paycheck! You may want to splurge on new clothes, shoes, or a fancy dinner. But, wait a minute! Overspending is not how you spend your paycheck like a boss. To spend your paycheck like a boss is not just … Continued

Simple Steps To Start Saving

Setting aside 20% of your income as savings may sound difficult if you don’t plan your expenses well. So how do you do it? The biggest problem we have when it comes to finances is the lack of financial planning. It’s important to do some self-reflection and look at our finances to figure out how … Continued

Islamic Finance in Malaysia

Let’s explore the basics of Islamic finance and bust some misconceptions. “Islamic financing is only for Muslims?”, “Islamic finance is old-fashioned.” “Islamic finance is so complicated, that’s why I prefer conventional finance.” These are some misconceptions that the public still have today. In reality, Islamic finance is actually a credible alternative to the conventional financial … Continued

What should you do when you’re attacked by a stroke?

Stroke is a brain attack, occurs when brain cells clot or burst. It is an emergency and no one is prepared for it. How fast you receive medical help will determine the chances of a good recovery. If you’re attacked by a stroke, get yourself to a stroke ready hospital immediately. If your stroke is caused by … Continued

FWD Invest First Plus

FWD Invest First Plus comes with two investment-linked takaful plans – To help you secure a better future for your loved ones, or to achieve your financial goals in the long run. Some might plan to grow their wealth so that their loved ones will continue their legacy. Others plan towards achieving a comfortable and … Continued