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Hibah atau Faraid, pilihan mana yang lebih baik?

Pengurusan harta merupakan perkara yang sering menjadi pertikaian dalam kalangan masyarakat. Ramai yang masih kurang didedahkan dengan ilmu perancangan harta, malah ada beranggapan ia kurang penting kerana ia boleh diselesaikan melalui faraid. Walaubagaimanapun, terdapat instrumen lain dalam merancang pembahagian harta di dalam Islam, iaitu hibah. Mari ketahui perbezaan antara Faraid dan Hibah. Anda nilaikan yang … Continued

FWD Income First

Leaving the family nest is a thrilling milestone – but living on your own requires a bigger financial commitment. Besides rent, you’ll need to consider maintenance and other emergencies. Check out these tips on the link above to make sure everything’s smooth-sailing. FWD Income First is the right plan for you to get takaful coverage … Continued

How did the pandemic boost wealth?

Asia-Pacific now has more billionaires than any other region due to the Pandemic. Pandemic-induced stock market increases the net worth of the wealthy to a new high. As of July 2020, there are 2,189 billionaires around the world with a combined wealth of RM42 trillion! The majority of billionaires reside in Asia Pacific, and this comes as … Continued

FWD CI First

There’s no room for complexity or constraints when it comes to your protection. We’re happy to announce that FWD Takaful now has an enhanced critical illness protection, FWD CI First! It covers for early to advance stages of critical illnesses as well as Intensive Care Unit hospitalisation up to 7 days. Protect you and your … Continued

FWD Medical Rider

When it comes to health, financial concerns should not get in the way. Medical expenses can be very expensive. That is why it’s important to have a reliable financial medical aid so you won’t have to dig into your savings!FWD Medical Rider is designed to help cover you and your loved ones in the event … Continued

COVID-19 Vaccine Special Fund.

Get yourself vaccinated and protected. Is anyone else excited to hear about the Covid-19 vaccination like I am? While you get your vaccinations, FWD Takaful will provide these complimentary benefits for any unexpected outcomes.Be sure to get yourself covered with FWD Takaful online plans and get protected from the comforts of your own home!

Educational Planning

Saving Up For Education Starts Yesterday and Now. The struggle of parents managing online learning at home is real! Not to mention forking out extra savings for internet, gadgets and other materials. Don’t let the challenges of COVID-19 eat away your children’s future education fund. Plan their education savings now with FWD Invest First.

Good stress vs Bad stress

Identifying and managing stress Just hearing the word ‘stress’ makes my heart rate speed up, but I recently found out that stress itself is not a bad thing! In fact, stress that is managed properly can help us develop better skills to cope with life’s demands. However, poor stress management can lead to negative side … Continued

Covid-19 Mythbusters

Flatten the Infodemic Curve Having a hot bath sounds like a great way to de-stress, but unfortunately, it does not kill the Covid-19 virus as some people may believe. The World Health Organization is busting some of the common misconceptions about Covid-19 that we have all heard about. Share this post with your friends and … Continued

Is Snoring Bad?

Snoring: A funny habit or a health risk? Snoring is a habit that many people have and one that we will always laugh off. However, did you know that snoring can also be a health risk? Snoring is caused when your upper respiratory tract partially closes and it can cause resulting in breathing difficulties in … Continued