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Apakah jenis-jenis penyakit kritikal?

Memang biasa dah kita dengar tentang kanser, strok dan sakit jantung. Tapi penyakit kritikal ada pelbagai jenis lagi iaitu: Penyakit kritikal warga emas seperti Alzheimer, Parkinson dan Demensia Penyakit berjangkit seperti AIDS dan HIV Komplikasi organ seperti kegagalan hati, paru-paru dan buah pinggang Penyakit saraf seperti sklerosis berbilang, penyakit neuron motor dan distrofi otot Kehilangan … Continued

When was the last time you had a health checkup?

When was the last time you had a health checkup? Was it over a year ago? If yes, it’s time to schedule your next session! Regular health checkups are necessary so that you are aware of your current health status. Aside from that, when it comes to critical illnesses like cancer, early detection is critical … Continued

Mental Health Matters for Men

Strength comes in many forms, physical and mental – seeking help is one of them. It’s important that your mental health is well taken care of to ensure you are able to navigate your daily life and play your roles more efficiently as a man. Here are some ways to start: Healthy outlet – find … Continued

Malaysia expected a steady rise in Alzheimer patients

With Malaysia’s ageing population growing, a larger elderly population is at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in years to come.  Statistic reported that Malaysia is expected to have approximately 590,000 people living with dementia by 2050. Based on the current ageing population ratio, we can expect to reach 580,000 Alzheimer’s patients in 2030, … Continued

Why do Malaysian men have a shorter life expectancy than women?

Men in Malaysia have a five-year lower life expectancy than women. Non-communicable diseases cause the majority on men’s premature deaths, followed by communicable diseases and injury. However, there is also another underlying cause that contributes to men’s poor general health – a lack of awareness, and healthy behaviour. For instance, men have a low uptake … Continued

Are alternative cigarettes safer?

Malaysia’s smoking rate remains high, with 50% of adult males smoking and more than 90% of lung cancer patients having a significant smoking history. The smoking industry has evolved alongside technological advancements. Smokers now have alternatives such as vape & e-cigarette, heat-not-burn devices and shisha.  However, how safe are these alternatives in comparison to cigarettes? … Continued

3 Common Risk of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men. Men’s infrequent screening habits combined with the disease asymptomatic nature are among the factors contributing to the disease’s late diagnosis.  Let’s discover 3 factors that can increase the risk of prostate cancer: Older age – it increases as you age, especially beyond … Continued

FWD Takaful Cancer Care Campaign

According to a study by Cancer Research Malaysia, cancer is one of the major critical illness here in Malaysia. This month, we want to raise cancer awareness by rewarding you when you get protected! For every successful certificate issued, we’ll donate RM50 to the National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to support their work in increasing … Continued

5 Tips for Breast Cancer Prevention

According to the latest statistics, breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women, affecting approximately 1 in every 9. Many didn’t survive due to late diagnosis and lack of access to affordable treatment. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted medication, and hormone therapy can all be used to treat breast cancer. However, if … Continued

Drastic increase in kidney failure cases in Malaysia

Malaysia reported a drastic increase of treated kidney failure cases in the last decade, which is the second-highest incidence rate worldwide. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a silent killer as the signs often occur late. It’s important for those who are at high risk to do a screening test as the progression of the disease … Continued