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4 Easy Ways To Spend Money Wisely

You might be surprised how easy it is to trim your expenses with a little patience and planning. The more you can get out of every money you spend, the more money you will save! Let’s get started with the 4 ways to spend money wisely: Buy for quality, not quantity – It would be … Continued

How much does raising a child cost in Malaysia?

Due to the ever-increasing cost of living, one of the major challenges for young couples considering starting a family is the financial aspect. So, how much money does it take to raise a child in Malaysia? Let’s find out the average monthly expenses: • Newborn to 2 years – from RM1,090 to RM2,250 for child … Continued

Can the average Malaysian afford tertiary education?

Most parents consider a degree scroll to be a necessity and an essential tool for their generation to achieve a decent income and financial security. The promised future, ironically, poses threats to parents’ financial status and jeopardises their finances as well.  At least 93% of Malaysian parents would fund their children’s tertiary education despite its … Continued

Are Malaysians On The Road To Financial Recovery Yet?

Have Malaysians changed their money-management habits after nearly two years of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic? Are we on the verge of financial recovery as the economy slowly reopens? Let’s find out how Malaysians are doing financially this year versus last year*: • 56% save less than RM500 monthly or do not manage to save … Continued

4 Ideas to make money at home easily!

Passive income can be a great way to help you generate extra cash. If you’re worried about saving a part of your earnings to meet your savings goals, earning through passive income could be an appealing solution for you on top of pursuing your primary job. Here’s a roundup of the best opportunities you can … Continued

Can wealth last for generations?

Generational wealth is a type of financial planning that focuses on transferring stable and significant financial resources to future generations. Can the majority of the new generation understand what it takes to build and maintain wealth because they grew up in a financially stable environment? It’s estimated that 70% of wealthy families will lose their … Continued

How do you become a good financial role model?

Not many people can afford to leave a multi-million inheritance to their children, but we can cultivate good financial habits. Setting a good example for your children now by building wealth through budgeting, debt management, saving, and investing will instil good financial habits in them. Discover the following tips to help you to become a … Continued

How Are Malaysians Doing Financially in 2021?

Malaysians have found it difficult to practice good financial habits as a result of the pandemic and high cost of living, particularly when it comes to saving for emergencies, financial protection, retirement readiness and legacy planning. Staying on top of your finances isn’t easy given today’s economic uncertainties. Find out how Malaysians are doing financially … Continued

Early financial literacy among our youth

Ever since the pandemic has taken a toll, many have faced challenging situations involving livelihoods and the critical need for people to have sufficient savings to survive rainy days. This is particularly crucial among our youths, who‘ve become more vulnerable economically, and their low level of financial literacy. Here are some worrying statistics about Malaysian … Continued

How much do I need to retire?

A key part of retirement planning is to know how much one needs for their retirement. The answer varies by individual, and it depends largely on your income now and the lifestyle you want during retirement. Here are some tips to help answer your retirement questions: Determine your retirement income – it should be about … Continued